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Whistle and I'll come for you (Mander) with Hull Urban Opera

A short, contemporary opera based on one of M.R. James short ghost stories. Fully staged with orchestra in Hull, Waterloo, April 6th to 8th 2022

Die Meistersinger (Wagner) with Music Camp

Hans Sachs, in a full concert performance of this amazing opera, in August 2022


Stephen has a very technical approach to teaching and places great emphasis on the correct placing of the voice. This, combined with strong breath support (the'engine of the sound') and control of upper body tension, is essential to achieve evenness of timbre and projection throughout the ranges of pitch and dynamic, and across all vowels. While his voice has always been an instrument of great quality, ease of production at the top of the voice and through the passagio never came easily. Conseqently the difficulties he had and the extensive study required to overcome them has given him a deep understanding of the vocal mechanism in these areas.

When working as a professional singer opera companies and choirs are not so much interested in the best you can produce on a good day, more in how good you are on a bad day - in other words, what is the minimum quality they are going to get! You therefore need an excellent technique to give you the capability to perform well, whatever vocal difficulties or stresses you may be undergoing.

If you feel that your voice has more potential than it is currently achieving, or you have vocal problems that seem unsurmountable, why not have a free consultation with Stephen at his studio in Lincoln? You have nothing to lose and it may just unlock the key to freeing your voice!


Stephen is also available to teach in London by arrangement.



Stephen Holloway - Bass